Little doctor AI UV disinfection robot

Suitable for closed environments in public places such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Super disinfection ability adapts to different scenarios

Unmanned killing, cost saving, safe and reliable killing rate, high speed, welt walking, navigation, obstacle avoidance, Intelligent drawing

Scene expansion

Suitable for indoor large-area flat and hard ground scenes: enclosed places such as hotels, offices, medical treatment, entertainment, etc.

Wall following disinfection, Full coverage disinfection, fixed-point disinfection

Irradiation is evenly distributed, reducing blind spots,  and disinfection can be completed in about 10 minutes per 40 square meters

Human detection

Millimeter wave detector×4, the detection distance is 6 meters, the human body is detected intelligently, and the disinfection lamp is turned off immediately

safe and stable

Climbing angle ±2°
Obstacle crossing height 20MM
Balance rack on both sides

Independent suspension

Product parameter