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DeepBlue Robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., incubated by DeepBlue Technology, has cutting-edge pivotal core technologies of deep learning structure, computer version, biological intelligence, late-model cognitive intelligence, auto driving and etc. artificial intelligence based on proprietary intellectual property rights. Deepblue creats intelligence manufacturing system in AI robot market, plans multi-area AI robot products system such as disinfection service, distribution, meals-on-wheels and etc applications and Intelligent manufacturing capability system for the intelligent robot market; layout of artificial intelligence robot product systems including disinfection service, distribution, food delivery, and other scenarios; independent research and development of cleaning, disinfection, service catering, fire protection, security, and other intelligent products Robot products. Among them, the commercial disinfection and meal delivery robot series have obtained large-scale order cooperation from many Fortune 500 companies in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other global Fortune 500 companies and successfully delivered them, successfully creating an intelligent robot operation platform that meets the product standards of Fortune 500 companies.

DeepBlue Technology, have four whollly-owned manufacturing base, is an AI company that have ability to produce and hand over both software and hardware and able to research & develop, mass produce and deliver AI robot to domestic and overseas clients.

DeepBlue technology and his relevant companies dedicate themselves to offer open and all-round service in AI application market.

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